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Diary — The humble hessian sack meets mycelium

The humble hessian sack meets mycelium

The humble hessian sack meets mycelium

Apr 26, 2022

Hessian sacks are by far my favourite free resource. I get them by the boot load from a large local coffee importer and roaster, they have become my go to fungi feeding, moisture retaining weed mat.

Hessian mycology 1 Hessian mycology 8

Above: in combination with a bio-activated leaf mulch hessian sacks lock up moisture and explode with mycelium threads at a relentless pace. This layout was deployed in the middle of summer and even with the endless long, hot dry days decomposition continued without trouble.

Hessian mycology 6

Above: result of log rounds sitting directly on the hessian (roughly 8 weeks).

Hessian mycology 2

Above and below: Hessian straight on top of the humus layer as a simple weed mat, moisture retainer

Hessian mycology 3 Hessian mycology 5

Above: In soil devoid of organic matter a mixture of leaf and woody mulch is layered with hessian sacks, roughly to contour and in areas sculpted to hold water in ephemeral swales. This is intended as a expedited system to enrich soil and hold water for longer at a high point in a chestnut orchard.

Below: Nashi with mulch/hessian/mulch layering (pre final layer in photo), to be extended out to the trees drip line eventually.

Hessian mycology 4
Thank you coffee drinkers of Aotearoa.