Good Garden

Conscious and sustainable
permaculture garden services.



An honest and professional ear to provide advice on anything relating to native or landscaped garden environments. Where possible this is best initiated with a site visit and in person discussion.


After establishing your desired outcomes I can render a range of either freehand or digital visual overviews to match your unique requirements. Directly speaking to site specific climate, contour, existing features plus any new landscaped elements both soft and hard.

I specialise in designing and creating gardens which embody permaculture principles, gardens which empower people to grow a wide array of healthy food and create thriving, functional ecosystems with minimal need for external inputs. My work has a strong focus on how New Zealand natives can be used in such systems, with the edible, medicinal, and soil-enriching properties that they offer.


After the design process, I can facilitate the landscaping and construction of any necessary elements to create new gardens or update and expand existing ones.


— Weeding
— Soil conditioning
— Pruning
— Mulching
— Organic waste removal
— Planting
— Pest/disease control
— Compost construction.