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Diary — Chickens



Jul 31, 2022

I love having chickens as part of my garden set-up. They provide so many benefits, from nutrient rich eggs and their wonderfully quirky company to their weed and bug devouring capabilities (just to mention my top picks).

As part of my new chicken run in Kingseat I have the room and infrastructure to integrate a productive and playful chicken tunnel connecting their primary run to a decomposition bed.

Orchard beds

Above: Overview of some existing garden beds of which the bottom left has been turned into a small wood mulch and weed turning and decomposing area, now aided by the scratching, pecking, turning and manure of the chickens.

They're so happy doing what chickens love to do! In the near future I'll aim to connect at least one more of these beds with another tunnel, allowing for more compost creation and the ability for the chickens to follow me around the orchard to a greater extent while I'm working away.