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Diary — Kaimai Mamaku Autumn foray

Kaimai Mamaku Autumn foray

Kaimai Mamaku Autumn foray

May 26, 2022

Kaimai Mamaku describes the forested mountain range stretching from the Coromandel mountain range right down to Rotorua. Interestingly Kaimai roughly translates to fermented food and Mamaku is a name for the mighty black tree fern. Mamaku is known to have two edible components, the young fronds and the pith from the upper half of the ferns trunk.

Clathrus chrysomycelinus
Above: Clathrus chrysomycelinus.
Genus hygrocybe 1 Genus hygrocybe 2 Genus hygrocybe 3
Above: Brightly coloured Hygrocybe waxcaps.
Genus oudemansiella

Above: Genus Oudemansiella fruiting on decaying Horoeka / Lancewood.

Genus cortinarius
Above: Incredibly slippery Cortinarius, possibly Cortinarius rotundisporus growing directly under Manuka.
Genus gliophorus
Above: Genus Gilophorus.