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Diary — Hügelkultur



Oct 12, 2022

Hügelkultur, translating in English to mound bed or mound culture is a method I have used successfully in the past with great success for growing. With previous experiments I was lucky enough to have large supplies of rich woody decomposing mass. This, in conjunction with green biomass and rich compost meant everything I planted flourished in this micro biologically thriving environment.

Hugelkultur 4

The base of this new Hügelkultur is a selection of logs from well dead and recently pruned fruit trees within the orchard. Before forming the actual mound all of this wood has had three months sitting under a living compost. The living component mostly comprised of chickweed and pūhā. As I started forming the actual mound I packed a mixture of on site soil with the compost around and over a central linear base of wood mass, careful not to leave any open pockets of air around the organic forms.

Hugelkultur 3

As my mound began to take a convex contour I started adding green layers between the soil/compost mixtures to add a quicker release of decomposable nutrients closer to what will become the immediate root zone of new plantings.

Hugelkultur 2
Once I was happy with my shape and height I then covered the entire bed with my favourite free resource, hessian sacks, some of which were already well decomposed and riddled with mycelium. The sacks help lock moisture in and keep the harsh rays of the sun from burning off the rich life now taking shape in this new environment. Once the bed has settled I will begin planting the mound and post further updates.